VIDARGÄNGR and GRAVEYARD dominating german DEAF FOREVER Magazine.

We are very proud that german VIDARGÄNGR and GRAVEYARD literally dominated the latest issue of german DEAF FOREVER Magazine.

Congrats boys!

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LIK and Overtorture to tour Germany – starting this weekend



ROGASH “Rogan Deathtrip” Videoclip

Die deutschen Death-Metal-Maniacs ROGASH haben ein neues Video veröffentlicht.

Join the “Rogan Deathtrip”

Der Song stammt vom aktuellen Album “Malevolence”, das im Februar bei War Anthem Records erschienen ist.


Listen to the first track of VIDARGÄNGR’s brandnew album!!!

vidargaengr-cover-web2Listen to the first track of VIDARGÄNGR´s “A World That Has To Be Opposed” – A rancorous nihilistic ascension into a black sun vortex. Uncompromising furious black metal opening a maelstrom into other spheres of sense.

Out april 29th on CD and gatefold vinyl!


New GRAVEYARD album – first track available!!!

Graveyard_ForThineIsTheDarkness_smallToday we are very pleased to present you a track from the upcoming GRAVEYARD album “…for thine is the darkness”.

The album is scheduled to be out 29th of april on CD+slipcase and gatefold vinyl!



LIK_OvertortureWAR ANTHEM RECORDS in cooperation with APOSTASY RECORDS proudly presents:



LIK (swe) / OVERTORTURE (swe)

27.05. Jena / Rosenkeller
28.05. Berlin / Blackland
29.05 Osnabrück /Bastard Club
30.05. Kassel / Moshpit Crew
31.05. Hamburg Bambi Galore



GRAVEYARD: tracklist and coverartwork revealed

Graveyard_ForThineIsTheDarkness_smallBe forewarned, dark shadows are circling around this grim chapel – the Spanish death metal veterans of Graveyard have unearthed their latest sepulture “…For Thine Is the Darkness”.

Following the release of their monumental second full-length album, “The Sea Grave”, in 2013, Graveyard continued recording material and released several split releases with Entrails, Nominon and Crucifyre. With an evolved sound that resulted from these sessions, Graveyard then refocused their attention on the writing, rehearsing, and recording of new original material, which has now culminated in their third full-length offering, “…For Thine is the Darkness”, an album which confirms that the best musical product results from patient and diligent attention to detail.
As with their prior releases, the 17 tracks on “…For Thine is the Darkness” are relentless, scorching examples of metal fire and blood influenced not singularly from one, but instead from several sub-categories of death/doom and even heavy metal.
WAR ANTHEM RECORDS is proud to conspire again with Graveyard in the release of “…For Thine is the Darkness” on both LP and CD formats.


New signing – VIDARGÄNGR

Band 2016WAR ANTHEM RECORDS is proud to announce the signing of VIDARGÄNGR. Founded in 2010, VIDARGÄNGR from Leipzig come up with their second album „ A World That Has To Be Opposed“ which will be released during April 2016. A rancorous nihilistic ascension into a black sun vortex. Uncompromising furious black metal opening a maelstrom into other spheres of sense. VIDARGÄNGR stand for nothing. 



Live capture of LIK

Today we present you a nice live capture of our swedish death metal mosters LIK.
They played some live shows in Finland with Swallow the Sun lately.
Thanx to the doomsters giving our guys the chance to support them!!!
Soon on centrail european soil!!!


CLITEATER + PURGATORY with brand new tracks!!!

Today we present you two new tracks from two upcoming releases on War Anthem Records! Enjoy!



CLITEATER  ”CalipHate”



PURGATORY  ”Codex Anti”