NIXA (us/swe) signs to War Anthem Records

NIXA “Earth of no Return”: Dwelling in primordial riffs and anguished melodies, NIXA create melodic, hulking doom – both imposing and intricate. Establishing a powerful dynamic that recalls Yob and Neurosis in its earnesty together with foreboding aural landscapes and heavy-as-mountains riffs, they create a somber pulse for the band’s vocal layers (Vocalist of Sweden’s dark metal band DeathWolf) to viciously and melodically intone ruminations on the nature of man. Since their inception, NIXA has shared the stage with bands like Crowbar, High on Fire, Stephen O’Malley, and Jucifer, culling their firm stance in the sphere of heavy music, and ready to step forward. A new album is currently being recorded at NIXA’s own studio Skybound in South Florida and is co-engineered/produced together with Kristian Karlsson (Cult of Luna, pg.lost). It is turning into a giant beast with many heads, melodies and dark atmospheric landscapes and the albums lyrical theme, a deep dive into the dualities of human nature and the complex relationship ancient man had with the cosmos, the gods, and their role into the woven fabric of their existence – a world nearly forgotten, roaring back to life through the vision and sounds of NIXA. In 2018 NIXA got signed to War Anthem Records and is now releasing a 9-minute single “Earth of No Return”, a tremouring journey that explores the heft of the band’s sound and primeval vocal lore. The song was mixed by Kristian Karlsson and mastered by Magnus Lindberg, both of Cult of Luna. The new album is planned to be released Fall of 2018.

Valentin Mellstrom / vocalist (DeathWolf)
Raul Valentine / guitar
Michael Rodriguez / drums
David Miller / bass