NIXA (us/swe) signs to War Anthem Records

NIXA “Earth of no Return”: Dwelling in primordial riffs and anguished melodies, NIXA create melodic, hulking doom – both imposing and intricate. Establishing a powerful dynamic that recalls Yob and Neurosis in its earnesty together with foreboding aural landscapes and heavy-as-mountains riffs, they create a somber pulse for the band’s vocal layers (Vocalist of Sweden’s dark metal band DeathWolf) to viciously and melodically intone ruminations on the nature of man. Since their inception, NIXA has shared the stage with bands like Crowbar, High on Fire, Stephen O’Malley, and Jucifer, culling their firm stance in the sphere of heavy music, and ready to step forward. A new album is currently being recorded at NIXA’s own studio Skybound in South Florida and is co-engineered/produced together with Kristian Karlsson (Cult of Luna, pg.lost). It is turning into a giant beast with many heads, melodies and dark atmospheric landscapes and the albums lyrical theme, a deep dive into the dualities of human nature and the complex relationship ancient man had with the cosmos, the gods, and their role into the woven fabric of their existence – a world nearly forgotten, roaring back to life through the vision and sounds of NIXA. In 2018 NIXA got signed to War Anthem Records and is now releasing a 9-minute single “Earth of No Return”, a tremouring journey that explores the heft of the band’s sound and primeval vocal lore. The song was mixed by Kristian Karlsson and mastered by Magnus Lindberg, both of Cult of Luna. The new album is planned to be released Fall of 2018.

Valentin Mellstrom / vocalist (DeathWolf)
Raul Valentine / guitar
Michael Rodriguez / drums
David Miller / bass



GRAVEYARD new artwork revealed

We are glad to present you the cover artwork of Graveyard´s new “mini” opus “Back to the Mausoleum”. The artwork was done by no one less than Matt Carr Out on LP and CD 27th of April 2018.




War Anthem Records is glad to announce the upcoming release of Germany´s most notorious death metal act Revel in Flesh. With “Relics of the DeathKult” you will be able to get all their on 7″EP released songs (period between 2012-2017) on one CD. The album includes 11 songs including great cover versions of Master, Death and Headhunter D.C.! The artwork has been crafted by no one less than Juanjo Castellano Rosado. Releasedate: 16th of march 2018. Pre-Order comes soon. Limited edition CD + Slipcase!

1.Bonecrusher 2. Corpus Vermis 3. A Chant of Misery 4. Deathkult 5. Phlebotomy: Blood Dripping Healing 6. Nightrealm Ghouls: The Dead Will Walk The Earth 7. The Ending In Fire 8. Casket Ride 9. Pay To Die (Master Cover) 10. Mutilation (DeaCDBO12V1.pdfth cover) 11. Deny The Light (HEADHUNTER D.C. cover)


BALMOG signs to War Anthem Records

WAR ANTHEM RECORDS is proud to announce the signing of the spanish entity called Balmog. The new album entitled “Vacuum” will be released march 16th 2018 on CD format. Recorded at Moontower Studios by Javi Flz and mastered at Necbalmog vacuum promo picromorbus Studio. More info (title tracks, cover and more details) will be revealed soon. The vinyl will be released by Black Seed Productions. More infos soon.


EVIL WARRIORS present first track of upcoming album

Today we present the first preview of the upcoming new EVIL WARRIORS album “Fall From Reality”. The album will be released in cooperation with Into Endless Chaos Records January 19th 2018. The band features members of Antlers and I I. Click the link below.


EVIL WARRIORS – Reincarnation


EVIL WARRIORS present coverartwork

Leipzig based black metallers EVIL WARRIORS present the cover of their new album “Fall From Reality”.
The album is scheduled to be out January 19th 2018 and was mixed and mastered by Patrick W. Engel.

01. fall from reality
02. excess
03. pillow of cold water
04. reincarnation
05. idleness and doom
06. mania and passion
07. worthless wretch
08. all the stars




Signing Flyer


swedish death metal monsters LIK killed TUSKA Open Air

Swedish LIK killed at TUSKA OPEN AIR last weekend. See below semi-pro footage.


new CLITEATER video

We are very proud to present you the new CLITEATER video for their song NUKE THEM ALL!!!

The band states as follows: “This is the third track of our recent album ‘From Enslavement To Clitoration’. This song is about our despise of extremism. Any form of extremism, whether it is of a religious, political or racist kind. The intolerance towards each other seems to grow every day, while gruesome events drift us apart even more. It can make you wonder if there is a solution to all this madness. Some might say; those with a different opinion should be diminished from this earth, based on their irrational fears and beliefs. We believe it’s time to stop hating each other’s guts and stop the ignorance. If mankind continues this way, however, there is one easy solution… NUKE THEM ALL!!!”

Enjoy it, share it and stay GRIND!



AGE OF WOE embark on european tour

Sweden/Iceland based death/sludge/doom unit AGE OF WOE is releasing 2017 tour dates and promo video.
To follow up the release of their second album “An Ill Wind Blowing” (War Anthem Records, 2016) the band is gearing up to once again tour Europe extensively, including performances at several festivals like Inferno Metal Fest, Obscene Extreme Festival, Toxoplasmose Festival and Berlin Swamp Fest to name a few.

The sophomore album has gained praise and been accredited raving reviews in the metal community. Kim Kelly (Noisey) wrote: ”Instead of wielding a hammer or twisting a knife, ‘An Ill Wind Blowing’ goes straight for the gut, raining down body blows that ache but don’t topple.”

Since the release of the new album Age of Woe have had a busy touring schedule as well as delivering praised performances at Mono Goes Metal Festival and Scorched Tundra Festival, sharing the stage with bands like Truckfighters, Switchblade, Suma, Rising, Skogen, Aphyxion and Afsky.

Promo video

Upcoming tour dates
April 13 Inferno Metal Festival, Oslo, NO

April 29 Backstage Rockbar, Trollhättan, SE

May 17 Eternia Smichov, Prague, CZ

May 18 Sabotage, Dresden, DE

May 19 Grind the Nazi Scum Festival, Torgau, DE

May 20 Klaue, Braunschweig, DE

June 1 Toxoplasmose Festival, Saint-Imier, CH

June 2 Ebrietas, Zürich, CH

June 4 Le Diamant D’or, Strasbourg, FR

July 5 Klub Pogłos, Warszawa, PL

July 7 Obcene Extreme Festival, Trutnov, CZ

August 31 Music City, Antwerpen, BE

September 2 Masters of the Unicorn Festival, Marburg, DE

September 15 Bambi Galore, Hamburg, DE

September 16 Berlin Swamp Fest, Berlin, DE

More to come…