PURGATORY new album “Omega Void Tribunal”

PURGATORY_2010_promo_02It is done! The eighth full-length record of PURGATORY has been spawned by the plague!

Eight infernal songs shall be gathered under the album title of “Omega Void Tribunal” and are to be released in early 2016 by WAR ANTHEM RECORDS. Before long, the material will be mixed and mastered by Patrick W. Engel.

 The loyal legions may rejoice for PURGATORY have coined their most vile and meanest as well as most eerie and most horrid material since their dreadful dawn. This will be your doom…

Further info forthcoming.



Es ist getan! Das Aufnahmeritual fand ein erfolgreiches Ende und die Veröffentlichung des mittlerweile achten Albums der Geschichte PURGATORYs rückt in greifbare Nähe.

Acht Songs werden unter dem Albumtitel “Omega Void Tribunal” im Frühjahr 2016 über WAR ANTHEM RECORDS veröffentlicht. In Kürze wendet sich Patrick W. Engel dem Mix und Mastering des Materials zu.

Die treuen Legionen erwartet das bösartigste, Gift und Galle spuckendste und zugleich dunkelste und Furcht erregendste Material PURGATORYs seit dessen gottloser Dämmerung.

 This will be your doom…

Weitere Infos stehen bevor…


BOMBS OF HADES – NEW Album in January 2016

The swedish crust death metallers BOMBS OF HADES return with a new album in early 2016.  

“Death Mask Replica” will be released in January 2016 via War Anthem Records on CD and Gatefold-Vinyl. 

On their 4th record the band is still paying tribute to their heroes DISCHARGE, ANTI CIMEX, AUTOPSY, NIHILIST/ENTOMBED, CARNAGE or SLAYER and still dares to be progressive. Be prepared!

Jonas Stålhammar - Vocals, guitar & random instruments
P-O Söderback - Guitar
Magnus Forsberg - Drums
Anders Ekman - Bass



LIK’s debut album will be released October 16th

Crawling out from beyond the putrid graves of the cemeteries of Hornstull/Stockholm! 

att3c1c9Die schwedischen Deather LIK werden ihr Debut-Album mit dem Titel “Mass Funeral Evocation” am 16. Oktober via War Anthem Records veröffentlichen.

Der Song “Le Morte Homme” liefert einen ersten Vorgeschmack auf das Old School-Massaker.

LIK wurde Anfang 2014 von Drummer/Sänger Chris (u.a. ex-KAAMOS, ex-GRAVE, ex-REPUGNANT, THE RESISTANCE) und Sänger/Gitarrist Tomas (NALE) gegründet und im Laufe des Jahres durch Gitarrist Nille (ex-SIEBENBÜRGEN) und Bassist Matte (NALE) verstärkt. Gemeinsam wurde das Demo “Behold The Beheaded” eingespielt.


ERED first song available for streaming

ERED is streaming “Ancient Abominations”, a song from their upcoming new album “Night of Eternal Doom”!
The album is scheduled to be out may 29th!
Listen and enjoy pure darkness here:


LIK finnished recordings

LIK_promopic-webSwedish death metal zombies LIK just finnished the recording of their debut album. The monster will be called “Mass Funeral Evocation”. It´s a ultra heavy old-school death metal heavyweight for the fans of old Dismember, Entombed, Nirvana 2002, swedish Crematory and the like. The production will hit your stomach like a german tiger! We as War Anthem Records are extremely thrilled to present you this masterpiece on CD and Vinyl during september 2015.

The band features:
Chris – drums/voc (The Resistance, ex-Kaamos, ex-Grave)
Tomas – voc/guitar (Nale, ex-Chaosys)
Nille – guitar (ex-Siebenbürgen)
Matte – bass (Nale, ex-Flawless)


ERED joined the troops of WAR

ERED_bandpic-webSpanish black/death metal sensation, ERED, has inked a worldwide record deal with WAR ANTHEM RECORDS. Spawned back in 1996 by Abyssal(bass, voc) and Shogoth(gui), the band preserves the flame of sheer, traditional black/death metal with a suitable dose of melodiousness and a damaging portion of unbound darnkess and utter brutality. For fans of Dissection, Watain, Necrophobic and Unanimated. The band features S.B.E(ex-Graveyard) on guitars. The band will release their 3rd album “Night of Eternal Doom”(mastered at Necromorbus Studio) in June 2015. 


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Unstoppable death metal units Graveyard and Crucifyre return this spring with a brand new split-7″ EP. GRAVEYARD is covering DARKTHRONE´s `In the shadow of the horns´ while CRUCIFYRE paying their respects to MORBID ANGEL with expressing their version of `Funerals´. This 7″EP will be limited to 500 units on black vinyl. 

Out in may 2015 – PRE-ORDER NOW at!


WAR-ANTHEM RECORDS is pleased to announce the signing of swedish death metal bastards LIK.

LIK_promopic-webCrawling out from beyond the putrid grave, of the cemetaries of Hornstull/Stockholm! Chris(ex-Kaamos, ex-Grave, The Resistance) and Tomas(Nale, ex-Chaosys) cracked their heads together and started jamming in early 2014 and with the combined worship for old school swedish death metal they had a couple of songs made. As the year flogged on Nille(ex-Siebenbürgen) joined the ranks as the lead guitarist. More songs where done, and the first ones where “polished” and perfected. Later on Matte(Nale) took on the bass duties to complete the band. The demo “Behold The Beheaded” was made and sent out to very few labels. Just to see if anyone would even touch the tunes of LIK. War-Anthem Records took LIK under their wings. And the future holds the debut album “Mass Funeral Evocation” soon to be unleashed upon the feebleminded. Stay tuned!


POSTMORTEM 2nd part of Track-by-Track video now online!

POSTMORTEM’s Track-by-Track video part 2 with description of each song on the new album  “The Bowls of Wrath” is now available on youtube! Check it out and be prepared for their new album, which will be released on November the 21st!!! 

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POSTMORTEM video “Oops!…I Killed Again” released!!!

The new video ”Oops!…I Killed Again” from Berlin death’n thrash masters POSTMORTEM, can be seen below. The clip is exclusively presented by Rock Hard and The song is taken from the band’s upcoming album, “The Bowls of Wrath“, which will be released on November 21st.